Brides-To-Be: Five Things to Keep in Mind When Prepping for Your Engagement Photo Session

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When picking an outfit, don’t skimp on comfort.
Don’t feel obliged to reach for your ‘fancy’ clothes- save those for the office! Instead, pick an outfit that complements you. If you are uncomfortable, it will show on camera. Feel free to bring a few outfit changes, especially for a longer session. That way you’ll be able to get in a few shots wearing something dressier, as well as get some ‘everyday’ shots.

Be aware of your posture.
Our apologies in advance; we know no one likes a posture pest. Posture can and does, however, make or break photos. Keep your shoulders pulled back during the shoot to avoid looking hunched over. We also recommend extending your neck forward, pushing your forehead and chin towards the camera. It may feel awkward, but this positioning will help to give your face a more defined look.

Get your feet wet.
Pick a place that holds a special meaning to you. Maybe it’s somewhere romantic – where you had your first date. Maybe it’s something that describes you as a couple – a historical site in Boston. Wherever it is make sure this place holds value to strengthen your connection to the photoshoot.
Make a day out of it! Your engagement photoshoot should be one to remember. Plan a special breakfast or a romantic dinner to create an emotional charge you will remember forever. You should be able to look back at these photos and feel the love from the memories you made this important day.
Deciding what your photos will be used for is important as well. Many couples include their engagement shots on their save-the-dates. Engagement photos can also be displayed as custom wedding decorations, or sent home as favors.

Start a new skincare regiment a few weeks ahead of time.
Use your photo shoot as motivation to adopt some lifelong skincare habits! Focus on clarifying your skin by washing, toning, and moisturizing in the morning and evening.
The week of your shoot, pay a visit to your dental hygienist and get your teeth cleaned. If your pearls still aren’t as white as you’d like, ask which whitener your dentist recommends.
The night before your shoot, exfoliate your lips by applying some coconut oil and then buffing it away with a washcloth. Sleep with glycerin on your lips, and in the morning you will wake up with smooth, soft lips!

On the day of, don’t go overboard on hair and makeup.
Before applying any makeup, exfoliate your face with a scrub. Dead skin contributes skin’s dull appearance in photos. Don’t go overboard with concealer, or you risk looking flat and pasty. Just use it to cover imperfections, and then apply a bronzer to define your cheekbones and jawline. Next, a colored blush will help you avoid looking washed out in your photos. Lastly, apply some matte-finish powder to eliminate shiny, oily skin. It may be a good idea to bring this along to the shoot if you are prone to shine.
We also recommend highlighting lips and eyes for your engagement photos. Use a liner to define your eye shape, as well as mascara to bring out your lashes. If you are not one for colored lipstick, try a neutral hue for your photo shoot.
Hair with motion tends to look much better on camera than hair that has been stiffened with product. For this reason, we suggest you go easy with the products and sprays. If you prefer to wear your hair up, try a low ponytail or loose bun.

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Ultimately, these will be your photos and we are here to help make them images you will treasure. Practice as much or as little artistic control as you see fit!